Sunday 30 April 2017

Wintersett Another EPIC VIS.MIG DAY 30.04.17

5 - 13 degrees with 7/8 cloud and a light to moderate south easterly to easterly wind.  A very promising weather system that delivered much more than we hoped.
Wintersett ResVis. Mig.  
 06.30hrs A Yellow Wagtail was on the north bank  + 1 flew over ACP 
 06.35hrs A Black Tern in summer plumage and 3 Common Tern were in  and a Dunlin flew north
Wintersett Res:  5 male Cetti's Warblers and 6 male Sedge Warblers were singing.  A male Wheatear was in the SW corner.
Botany Bay Area:  A Cuckoo was calling from 08.00hrs to late morning.
Anglers CP  Vis. Mig. 06.20 hrs - 18.30hrs
06.40hrs  3 more  Black Tern came in and  all 4 left east at 07.08hrs,
07.03hrs  5  Black Tern flew south from ACP to WRes. Then left east at 07.08hrs. 
07.20hrs  3 Dunlin and a Sanderling flew east.
07.45hrs 2 Bar-tailed Godwit flew in. They left north at 13.45hrs.  
07.55hrs 2 Black Tern came in.
08.00hrs 2 pair of Pintail flew in and stayed for the day. 
An Arctic Tern  flew in  and 17 Common Tern were counted.
09..07  A Red Kite drifted over east and the same bird was seen over Haw Park Wood at 14.15hrs.  It was then seen flying from HPWood to ACP fields at 14.55hrs.
10.15hrs A Cream Crowned Marsh Harrier flew through.
11.05hrs 9 Black Tern seen at 09,45hrs on WRes flew in and around until late afternoon at least. 
13.13hrs 1 Turnstone+ 2 Dunlin over.
13.30hrs  An Avocet flew in to shallows then left south at 13.40hrs.
18:30   11 Black Terns  still present.
Anglers CP:
The immature male Long-tailed Duck was on WRes. first thing,  but then flew to ACP,  diving around the lake, associating with a female Goldeneye.   A Dunlin and 2 Common Sandpipers were around the shallows.  Little Ringed Plover 2 A pair of Wigeon and 2 Goldeneye (Imm Male +1  female)still present.  Teal 1 male. Curlew 3. Mallard 6 vs young.   3 Hobby over.   Mandarin Duck 1 m.  Redpoll 15.
 I think you'll agree that today was an epic day at Wintersett.  We had 20 Common Tern,  20 Black Tern ,  10 species of wader, 6 species of raptor. 5 were new birds for the year list:- Black Tern  Bartailed Godwit , Turnstone, Mandarin and Little Stint.
Additional information received 02.05.17  for Saturday 29th April.  A Party of 2 Dunlin and a Little Stint  flew into ACP shallows at 16.00hrs, landed briefly and the flew off south per Steve Peel.  Numbers have been adjusted accordingly.
Here are a few pics of  migrants taken by Chris Swaine
                          Bar-tailed Godwit   ACP                        CSwaine

                                          Black Tern        ACP                CSwaine
                                    Pintail                    ACP     CSwaine
In April we added 33 new birds to the Wintersett  year list, bringing the year to date total to 147.

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