Sunday 23 April 2017

Wintersett - Make that 7 Cetti's 23.04.17

4 - 13 degrees with sun,  light  cloud and a westerly breeze.
Cetti's Warblers:  A concerted effort, early this morning,  confirmed  7 male Cetti's Warblers were in the area.  6 on WRes. -  north bank,  north east corner,  south east corner,  west bank,  ruin area  and boathouse reeds and  1  in the SW corner of Anglers CP.    3 new males have arrived on site since March 28th.
Wintersett Res:  Sedge Warbler 2 m north bank.  A Whitethroat was on the west bank.
Haw Park Wood: Redpoll 1.  Green Woodpecker 1.
Cold Hiendley Res:  Common Tern 4. 
Anglers CP:   Little Ringed Plover 1.  Redshank 1.  Common Sandpiper 1. (This counts as a wader fest here!)  Snipe 1. Oystercatcher 5.    Teal 5. Goldeneye 8 + 2 WRes.. 
Critter: A Weasel was hunting near the hide ACP.  A Holly Blue and a Brimstone were  was seen and a Beefly was by the boathouse bench WRes.

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