Saturday 8 April 2017

Newmillerdam - 8 April 2017

This is a bit more like it! After a couple of weeks with my visits coinciding with poor weather or being a bit rushed and there not being much about, today was a glorious day of constant birdsong. Recorded 44 birds today, my highest total since 12th March

Swallow and willow warbler were added as the 73rd and 74th species of the year. Recorded grey heron for the eighth time this year also as it flew over heading north-east. Think I've seen one perched up on site only once this year so far with the other seven records all in flight.

Black-headed gull (16), blackcap (2), buzzard (2), Canada goose (8), carrion crow (41+), chiffchaff (15), coot (27), great crested grebe (4), great spotted woodpecker (3), grey heron (1), grey wagtail (3), herring gull (1), jay (8), mallard (135), mistle thrush (1), moorhen (5), mute swan (7), skylark (4), song thrush (2), stock dove (2), swallow (1), whooper swan (1), willow warbler (4), yellowhammer (2).

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