Wednesday 3 March 2021

Wakefield & District Swift Group Pin Badges

 Dear All, 

I appreciate that Barnsley isn't Wakefield (it never will be ;) ) but I hope this post will be allowed by admin. 

I sure you are all aware of the plight of our Swifts, a bird which is impossible to dislike. Wakefield (district) has seen a massive reduction in Swift numbers (much like Barnsley) where council properties have have updated with new roofs , facias and soffits.  

In 2019 we formed Wakefield Swift Group to help lobby local government to protect Swifts and also to raise awareness with residents. This year we have had 200 pins made, and we hope to use the profits to pay for some swift boxes. 

We would appreciate your support, and I promise that at we will make sure at least one box gets placed in parts of the Wakefield district which fall within the Barnsley recording area (Crofton, Ryhill, Havercroft, Hemsworth etc) 

Prices are £3.50 + postage or you can catch me at Anglers Car Park most weekends.

Full Details below: 

and don't forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter 'Wakefield & District Swift Group'

Thanks , Chris Swaine 

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