Sunday 21 May 2017

Wintersett Interesting Chiffchaff 20.05.17 Possible Iberian?

This interesting Chiffchaff  showing characterisitics of the Iberian species Phylloscopus ibericus was trapped and ringed at Wintersett Res.  20.05.17    Any comments welcomed.


Graham Speight said...

Looks very interesting!
strikingly long bill with all yellowish under mandible
lack of a pale eyering
bright yellow soles to feet
lemony wash to vent
can't see the rump but it ought to be slightly brighter than the rest of the upperparts
these are all pro Iberian features.
trust you collected any stray/dislodged feathers for future analysis?

ASmith said...

Per Pete Smith:
Also note the long supercilium being bright yellow and broad in front of the eye. Another good feature of Iberian Chiffchaff.
2 feathers will be sent for DNA analysis.