Thursday 5 August 2021

Wintersett + Ringing etc. 05.08.2021

 42 Birds were ringed this morning:

Willow Warbler 11.   Chiffchaff 12.   Reed Warbler 7.  Blackcap 6.  Garden Warbler 3. 

Anglers CP

Oystercatcher 2.   Common Tern 1 + 2 Cold Hiendley Res.   

Botany Bay:

Greenfinch 2.  

Wintersett Res.

Common Gull 1 adult.  

Tufted Duck Young:  2 medium in north east corner  + 4  small off south bank.


A Yellow-bellied Slider was seen at the west end of Cold Hiendley Res.


A  male Emperor was on Botany Bay. 

A  male Black-tailed Skimmer and a male Ruddy Darter were on the north bank Wintersett Res..

Lepidoptera - Wintersett Res.

A Painted Lady was on the east bank.    A Comma was on the north east bank.  

Painted Lady Wintersett Res.  05.08.2021   ASmith

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