Tuesday 7 June 2022

Carlton Marsh

3 Cetti's Warblers were singing from their respective breeding territories this morning. Also present Grey Wagtail, 3 Dabchick, Red-legged Partridge, 2 Small Copper, 1 Holly Blue and 8 Speckled Wood. A male Banded Demoiselle was near the hide. (L & A Corrall/K. Bannister)

Cudworth Common 
A pair of Mute Swan have 6 cygnets and a Little Egret was feeding on the flashes. A Garden Warbler sang near the Ash Plain and an Oystercatcher was calling nearby. Perhaps they are feeding their fledged young from the nest on Ferrymoor Flash? A single Bee Orchid was flowering.
Butterflies included 21 Common Blue, 1 Small Heath, 2m Orange-tips, 1 Meadow Brown and 3 Dingy Skippers. 3 Mother Shipton, 2 Straw Dot and 1 Silver Y were some of the moths and a Banded Demoiselle was resting on a branch in the wooded area. (CG)

Mute Swan family to parents Y981 female (red Darvic) & Y763 male (red darvic)
Bee Orchid
South Kirkby Industrial estate
15 species of butterfly included 1 Marbled white, 2 Painted Lady, 2 Red Admiral, 12 Brimstone (8m), 86 Common Blue, 53 Small Heath, 9 Large Skipper and 1 Brown Argus. A Mint Moth was flying and 4 larvae of the Mullein Moth were feeding on the leaves of a Moth Mullein flower. (C. Parkin)

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