Saturday 11 June 2022

Wintersett + Sabre Wasp 11.06.2022

 Anglers CP:

Shelduck 1. 

Golf Course Marsh:

Cetti's Warbler 1 male.

Walton Hall:

Oystercatcher 6.

Haw Park:

Common Shrew 1 deceased. 

 Haw Park Wood:

This morning we saw the longest British parasitoid wasp.   

 Sabre Wasp  Rhyssa persuasoria  Haw Park Wood, Wintersett.  

Georgie W-S 11.06.2022

Sometimes called the Giant Ichneumon, this is the largest ichneumon in Britain and one of the largest in Europe (10–40 mm). An easy species to identify due to the striking pattern of small white spots along the entire length of the thin, black body (not just the abdomen), red legs, long ovipositor and large size .

Widespread but localised, particularly in coniferous woodland

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