Thursday 2 June 2022

Wintersett Insects 02.06.2022

 Botany Bay Insects:  @Fitzybirder

A Hairy Dragonfly showed well this morning.  

At 10.45hrs it was being harassed  by a Four-Spotted Chaser.

Red-eyed Damselfly:  A total of 37.  16 males + 15 + 6.  

Wintersett Res.

3 male Red-eyed Damselflies were seen in the north east corner.

A Four-spotted Chaser was also in the north east corner. 

Insects:   @GeorgieWightman 

       Black-spotted longhorn beetle   Rhagium mordax  
found on a sign. Wintersett Res..
@GeorgieWightman  02.06.2022

Slender Groundhopper  Tetrix subulata
found on Ferry Top Lane, Wintersett Res.
@GeorgieWightman 02.06.2022

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