Monday 5 September 2022

Wintersett + Insects 05.09.2022

 Wintersett Res:

A Sedge Warbler was on the north bank.  

A Whitethroat was in Botany Dell + 2 on west bank.

Little Grebe 13 + 2 ACP.   100 Linnets were  over the north bank field. 

4 Common Terns ( 2 adults  + 2 juveniles). Pochard 4.  

Shoveler 2  + 4 ACP.  Goldeneye 4 females.  Wigeon 4. 

A Green Woodpecker  flew over the west bank clump.  

Steve Denny had a Ruff on the boathouse slipway this evening, but it flew off at 19.13 hrs.

Haw Park:

Hobby 2.

Anglers CP:

Common Sandpiper 2.  Teal 5.  Snipe 2.


ACP Pol Boardwalk Pond:   2 Willow Emeralds  are new for this site

Golf Course Pond: 

Willow Emerald 2.

2 Emerald Damselfly were the first for many years! at the small Golf course pond! 

Brown Hawker 1 over north bank WRes.  

Common Blue Damselfly 1 over Botany Bay.   Common Darter 1 male ACP.


A Green-veined White was on the north bank WRes..

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