Tuesday 2 August 2022

Wintersett 02.08.2022

 Anglers CP:

An adult Great Black-backed Gull came in briefly. 

Common Sandpiper 2.   Wigeon 1 male.  Cormorant 3 + 1 WRes.

Wintersett Res..

Goldeneye 2 females.  Common Tern 11.  Pochard 3.  


Gatekeeper,  Meadow Brown and  Green-veined White were all seen at Anglers CP this morning.

(Miridae) Deraeocoris ruber  Wintersett Res. 


   (Miridae) Deraeocoris ruber  Wintersett Res. 

 Pete Smith  02.08.2022

This bug was found on vegetation near the boathouse bench this morning. 

The Miridae are a large and diverse insect family at one time known by the taxonomic synonym Capsidae. Species in the family may be referred to as capsid bugs or "mirid bugs". Common names include plant bugs, leaf bugs, and grass bugs. Wikipedia

More common in southern Britain and very rare in Ireland, this bug feeds on small insects and can be found on a range of plants, especially nettles. The ground colour (including the scutellum) ranges from red-orange to almost fully black, although the cuneus is always red.

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