Wednesday 17 August 2022

Wintersett + Video 17.08.2022

Wintersett Res:
Commom Tern 1.   Tufted Duck 1 medium/large young.  Swift 1.  
Goldeneye 4 females.
Anglers CP:
A Black tailed Godwit  flew onto the shallows at 07:15. hrs but left at  07:30.
Common Sandpiper 2.     A Willow Tit was in the south west corner.
Afternoon Gulls: Steve Denny:
Large Gulls were dropping onto the Country Park to bathe, before leaving east, 
all afternoon.   Mainly Lesser Black-backed Gulls,  but a few Herring Gulls,
a single, juvenile Yellow legged Gull and a Great Black-backed  Gull.

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