Monday 13 January 2014

Request for info

Updating my records I came across a Bewick Swan with a purple neck collar that the late Rob Laverack saw flying north on 1/1/1997 over Carlton Marsh. 
In our 1997 Annual Report I wrote that it was seen previously at Lound in Derbyshire and at Broomhill Flash and later the same day at Fairburn Ings. However, it would appear that I have no information on where it was actually ringed. Can anybody help please?


ASmith said...

Pete Smith has sent this information.

Bewick’s Swan with neck collar 193U.
(In the Wintersett Report the neck collar is recorded as blue.)

Ringed as an adult female 17th August 1996
at Khumavei River, Ruskii, Zavarot, 68° 37’N, 53°42’ E, Russia.

It was re-sighted at the following places.

01/12/96 Oude Bildtdijk The Netherlands

13/12/96 Westhoek The Netherlands

31/12/96 Wath Ings Barnsley

01/01/97 Anglers CP Wakefield

03/01/97 Catfield Stalham (Norfolk)

16/02/97 St Benet’s Abbey Ludham (Norfolk)

24/02/97 St Benet’s Abbey Ludham (Norfolk)

03/03/97 Brandleben, Kreis Luchow Dannenberg, Germany

07/04/97 Lennewitz, Kreis Perleberg Germany

Cliff Gorman said...

Thanks Ange, Pete, thats absolutely brilliant info I will put it in our next Annual Report