Wednesday 20 November 2013

Broomhill Flash ( a fight for flight!)

On arriving at Broomhill Flash just after 8.30 this morning and after a quick look round, I kept hearing a noise from the side of the hide. So as you do I stuck my head out to have a closer look and there was a mute swan caught between the front of the hide and the fencing and no room to open its wings to take flight. I went back to the car to get my dust sheet from the back to cover the swans wings so I wouldn't get a scutch, upon picking the swan off the ground I noticed some blood on its rear probably from hitting the fencing but also a metal BTO ring on it's left leg. I managed to get the bird over the fence but it wasn't happy in the end it got to the water and did abit of preening and made a flight after about 50 minutes. Moral of the story don't go anywhere without a dust sheet!! LOL.

Todays sightings for Broomhill Flash & Wombwell Ings are:-

Broomhill Flash.

Golden Plover 70+,
Redshank 2,
Green Sandpiper 1,
Snipe 2,
Lapwing c100.

Tufted Duck 6,
Gadwall c96,
Teal 40,
Shoveler 9,
Pochard 1
Mallard 4,
Wigeon 4,
Mute Swan 5 (including the trapped one),
Black-headed Gull c50,
Common Gull 1,
Cormorant 2 (one metal BTO ring left leg).

Fieldfare 3.

Kestrel 1,
Common Buzzard 3,
Peregrine Falcon 1.

Wombwell Ings.

Grey Heron 2,
Lapwing 65,
Snipe 3.

Wigeon c140,
Teal 52,
Shelduck 1,
Gadwall 2,
Pochard 1♀,
Common Gull 1,
Cormorant 1.

Meadow Pipit 1.

Sparrowhawk 1.


Wath Coot said...

Well done Mick nowt like a bit of swan fighting on a cold November morning. I presume it was the resident bird ZZ6873.
This bird was ringed by Sorby Breck RG as age 2nd year on 12-Sep-2009 at Rother Valley Country Park, near Killamarsh, South Yorkshire OS Map reference SK4582, co-ordinates 53deg 20min N 1deg 19min W. It was found on 27-Sep-2013 at Broomhill Flash, Barnsley, South Yorkshire OS Map reference SE4102, co-ordinates 53deg 31min N 1deg 23min W. The bird was Sight record by non-ringer. It was found 1476 days after it was ringed, 21 km from the ringing site, direction NNW.
I had another ringed bird on Little Broomhill on Sunday RED Y602 waiting on details on that one and have seen at least one possibly two birds with Yellow rings in the area recently.

Unknown said...

Nice one, there was also a ringed Cormorant today but was on the farthest raft.