Saturday 23 November 2013

Starlings, Starlings and more Starlings

Mr Tyke and I arrived at Wooley reclamation site filter bed at the side of the River Dearne at about 3.30.  At 3.50 a lone Starling began circling the reed bed before being joined by further 19, followed by another 6.  Thereafter they continued to arrive in numbers varying from 5 to 100 with several large flocks of up to 1000. Eventually thousands were circling high above the reed bed before they began plummeting into the Phragmites.  They still continued to arrive in small groups with the last 20 dropping in at 4.30.  The final tally was 8935 Starlings, one of which was taken by a Sparrowhawk.  Two sprawks were present throughout with one flying low over the reed beds at dusk.  Also there: at least 2 Water rails and a Kingfisher on the Dearne.

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Cliff Gorman said...

Barn Owl is worth watching for as they tend to hunt Starling and Swallow roosts